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We Understand the Integral Role Crawlspace Encapsulation Plays in Safeguarding Your Home's Structure

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Massachusetts are prone to crawlspace moisture issues, encapsulate your crawlspace and stop persistent mold, and health issues in their tracks

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Crawlspace Encapsulation Services for Massachusetts Homes and Businesses by the Areas Most Trusted Mitigation & Remediation Company

Crawlspace Encapsulation: Addressing Moisture, Mold, and Air Quality Concerns for Your Well-Being

“I would highly recommend SOS for any water damage needs. My husband called them and they came out to our home in the middle of the night.”

You may be wondering if crawlspace encapsulation is good for your crawlspace, and your health, and the short answer is yes. Always necessary? No, but often it’s a great idea, and here is why.

In climates where there is either drastic temperature swings from day to night, and those where there is high humidity or large rainfalls leading to constantly damp conditions, or even just long periods of seasonal rainfall causing seasonal wetness, there is the potential for moisture borne air quality issues as well as persistent harmful mold. Additionally older homes that have been built on old stone foundations can be particularly susceptible to crawlspace moisture and water penetration, creating an environment that is bad for health and property. Just solving the acute problem may not be enough.

Solving the problem of water and moisture penetration into your crawlspace in many cases, is just the first step. Ensuring that any future penetration doesn’t cause long-term effects is critical to the permanency of any solution.
Many persistent moisture issues tend to come and go, even after measures to stop the base problem have been undertaken. In those instances crawlspace encapsulation can be a way of mitigating those persistent issues.

What is the difference between wet crawlspace solutions and crawlspace encapsulations?
Solutions to remedy moisture and water problems in crawlspaces are obviously a great thing, anything you can do to remove the moisture source is a necessary undertaking. Solutions such as sump pumps, proper drainage, dehumidifiers, and properly configured ventilation to keep temperature variations between sections of the building at a minimum are all solutions that should be considered. However they often don’t go far enough in situations where persistent moisture remains, in those cases creating a barrier between the moisture and the structure is key to removing the long term problem and it’s affects. It’s this barrier that ensure, that in combination with the removal of the water source that will mitigate future moisture issues such as pesky and harmful mold.

A Quick Note on Mold

“Any visible mold should be removed, no matter what its color or species,” says Tiina Reponen, PhD, professor of environmental health at the University of Cincinnati. “In a healthy building, you don’t have visible mold.”

The CDC’s Perspective on Mold Testing and Removal

“Generally, it is not necessary to identify the species of mold growing in a residence, and CDC does not recommend routine sampling for molds. Current evidence indicates that allergies are the type of diseases most often associated with molds. Since the susceptibility of individuals can vary greatly either because of the amount or type of mold, sampling and culturing are not reliable in determining your health risk. If you are susceptible to mold and mold is seen or smelled, there is a potential health risk; therefore, no matter what type of mold is present, you should arrange for its removal. Furthermore, reliable sampling for mold can be expensive, and standards for judging what is and what is not an acceptable or tolerable quantity of mold have not been established.”

The EPA’s Perspective on Mold Testing and Removal

Is sampling for mold needed? In most cases, if visible mold growth is present, sampling is unnecessary. Since no EPA or other federal limits have been set for mold or mold spores, sampling cannot be used to check a building’s compliance with federal mold standards. Surface sampling may be useful to determine if an area has been adequately cleaned or remediated.

This experience was by far the fastest remedy, service and fully professional. I mean they were here in less then an hour and the remedy process was underway and fixed.

Crawlspace Encapsulation Services and Working With Your Massachusetts Insurance Provider and Policy

Let SOS Rescue Restoration Help Guide You Through The Complex Process Of Your Insurance Claim Submittal.

SOS Rescue Restoration Can help you navigate the somewhat troublesome process of filing an insurance claim by assisting with direct billing. Additionally, understanding your entitlements within your policy can add some additional confusion, and the professionals at SOS Rescue Restoration can help you understand your policy provisions so you can be brought back to pre-loss condition as quickly, and painlessly as possible.

It’s important to act quickly during, and just after an event. Whether it’s water damage, fire and smoke damage, or any other covered event, the burden of mitigating future damage and loss falls on the shoulders of the policy owner. Not only do you have to file a claim as soon as you know an insured event has occurred, you must take any and all necessary steps to mitigate future damage, failing to do so may have an impact on the amount covered.

Managing your insurance claim whether it is commercial or residential requires patience and knowledge, something most people in crisis mode are in short supply of. Adding to the complexities of properly filing a claim is the emotional stress that many times accompanies an emergency event. SOS Rescue Restoration is positioned to help you navigate this process as well as offer direct billing with reporting to your insurance provider to help streamline the insurance claim filing and settlement process as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

“We had damage in our attic from mice. I called Steve and he returned my call immediately. Quoted me, sent a crew out did the job, all done in less than a week. I can not recommend this company enough. Fast, so pleasant to deal with and very responsive. If you need any kind of cleanup, this is the company to use.”


Why SOS Rescue Restoration

  • SOS Rescue Restoration is Fully Insured
  • IICRC Certified
  • Workmanship Quality Guarantee
  • Comprehensive and self instituted train and retrain program for employees
  • SOS Rescue Restoration performs background checks on all staff members
  • Instituted project management and quality control systems and processes
  • Dedicated account and project managers for each and every project
  • True 24 emergency response, not just emergency “call” response
  • 2 hour or less onsite response times during emergencies to 95% of service areas
  • Personalized service from initial consultation to project completion follow up
  • Direct insurance billing (we work for you and not the insurance companies during mitigation, national franchises have loyalties to large insurers that may be biased based on the funneling of work)
  • Experience managing state and federal contracts
  • Locally owned and operated (decisions are taken locally and not mandated at some national level with disregard for onsite needs for both property and people, with SOS Rescue Restoration you’re not just a number)
  • Big company resources with local decision making and compassion

Crawlspace Encapsulation Done Right with SOS Rescue Restoration

While crawlspaces can be prone to moisture and water accumulation, it’s not always obvious when there’s a need for crawlspace encapsulation. This lack of visibility makes it even more crucial to address, as prolonged exposure to such conditions can lead to damage to property and potential health issues.

Of course, spotting signs of moisture, water stains, or feeling dampness in the crawlspace are clear indicators of a problem, but it’s important to take a proactive approach with a professional assessment by our team.

When you entrust us with this task, you can count on our team to conduct a thorough crawlspace evaluation, backed up by the latest moisture mapping and infrared camera technology. These advanced systems help us inspect your crawlspace walls and pinpoint hidden areas where water might be intruding, creating conditions that could lead to damage over time.

Once we’ve assessed the root causes and extent of the moisture issue, we will walk you through our comprehensive plan for effective crawlspace encapsulation. This includes addressing and sealing off sources of moisture and ensuring your crawlspace is protected from future water intrusion. You can rest easy knowing that we will take great care to establish a moisture-free environment in your basement.

When you need swift, adept crawlspace encapsulation for your Massachusetts home, we have you covered.

When you call SOS Rescue Restoration for crawlspace encapsulation, we handle everything for you, from the assessment, to the sealing, to the final reporting to any necessary health and environmental agencies required by law. If you have any questions throughout the process regarding those regulations – if they apply, and they don’t always – then feel free to contact us.

“I’ve never used a restoration company before but my insurance company recommended them. I called SOS and the entire team was very friendly.”


Ensuring Safety with SOS Rescue Restoration: Massachusetts Trusted Crawlspace Encapsulation Specialists at Your Service

We value the safety and well-being of our customers and their families. When it comes to crawlspace encapsulation for residents, count on the dedicated team at SOS Rescue Restoration! We understand how troubling and invasive moisture issues can be in your residence, which is why we want to make it as easy as possible to reach us for a solution. You don’t have to waste another moment worrying over a damp crawlspace or water intrusion problems. Ensure the safety of your loved ones by consulting our crawlspace encapsulation specialists at SOS Rescue Restoration. Simply call us or contact us through our convenient online form for a free consultation.

We Also Provide Commercial Damage Restoration Services

Commercial water damage repair, fire damage restoration, mold removal, smoke damage repair, cleanup and removal services for businesses, schools, non-profits and government agencies





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Trust Your Home to the Best in the Business

When you have a restoration emergency in your home, it can be a stressful time. Adding to this anxiety is the thought of having strangers in and out to complete the work. SOS Rescue Restoration cares about our reputation and our customers, and for this reason, has partnered with The Seal.

Our relationship with The Seal allows us to complete 3rd party-verified employee background screening and identification services. You’ll never have to question the integrity of the technicians working in your home, because we have already verified their licensing, insurance, and criminal background.

Why SOS Rescue Restoration?

24/7 Emergency Services Available

24/7 emergency response for disaster events including water damage, fire damage, sewage cleanup, and more. When tragedy strikes, count on us for certified fire and water damage repair and restoration.

Direct Insurance Billing

SOS Rescue Restoration will help you understand what you are entitled to under your policy coverage and submit all invoices directly to your insurance company for payment so you don’t have to deal with one more thing during trying times

Understanding Damage Restoration Services

Sometimes it’s confusing trying to understand whether you need a cleanup, repair, mitigation, remediaiton or restoration services company in Massachusetts. let us explain some of the services to better help.

Mold Removal and Remediation for Your MA Home Or Business

So which is it? Mold removal or mold remediation, or mold abatement? Often these terms like many in the restoration industry are commonly interchanged when they actually mean different things. Mold removal is the act of removing the mold from the property or area so that the presence of mold no longer exists above normal, natural levels. Mold remediation is the process of creating and implementing a mold abatement plan that will actually address the underlying reason the excessive mold was able to proliferate and become a health risk. Remediation by definition includes the mold removal, and abatement process.

Fire damage restoration and fire damage cleanup are essential processes following a fire incident to restore a property to its pre-fire condition. These processes encompass a series of systematic steps and the involvement of professionals with expertise in fire damage mitigation.

The initial phase of fire damage restoration is the cleanup process. This entails the removal of debris, ash, soot, and any remaining firefighting chemicals from the affected areas. Thorough cleaning is essential not only for aesthetic reasons but also to prevent further damage caused by corrosive residues. Highly specialized equipment, such as HEPA vacuums and chemical sponges, is often used to ensure a deep and effective cleaning process. The cleanup phase also includes assessing and addressing any immediate safety concerns, such as securing the property and shutting off utilities to prevent further damage or accidents.

Once the cleanup is completed, the focus shifts to the restoration phase. Fire damage restoration involves repairing, rebuilding, and restoring the structural and cosmetic elements of the property. This may include replacing damaged roofing, drywall, insulation, electrical systems, and plumbing. Restoration professionals work to ensure that the property not only regains its functionality but also its aesthetic appeal. In some cases, restoration may involve repainting, refinishing, or replacing fixtures and furnishings to bring the property back to its pre-fire condition. Additionally, restoration teams may address issues related to water damage caused by firefighting efforts, as water damage often accompanies fire damage. Overall, fire damage restoration is a comprehensive process aimed at returning the property to a safe and habitable state while minimizing the physical and emotional toll of a fire incident.

Understanding the difference between water damage remediation, water damage repair, and water damage restoration

This one gets a little tricky because the there are some nuances between the term repair and remediation. In a nutshell, the term repair is often used to encompass the cleanup, demo, and restoration phases of a fire damaged property. You can however have a repair that means different things. Is it a get by repair, or is it a full restoration bringing the property back to its pre-loss condition. In general we would say that a fire damage remediation plan includes the cleanup, dryout, demo, and treatment as necessary, so that the restoration of the property back to it’s pre-loss condition can occur. Fire damage repair projects almost always include water damage repair services as well as water and other flame-retardants are used to put the fire out.

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Our services encompass a range of critical tasks, including mold inspection, testing, and remediation. Whether it’s a household seeking a healthier indoor environment or a business aiming to maintain a safe and clean workspace, professionals in this field are equipped to assess the extent of mold problems, implement effective removal strategies, and take preventive measures to ensure long-term mold control, safeguarding the well-being of occupants and preserving property integrity.



“I’ve never used a restoration company before but my insurance company recommended them. I called SOS and the entire team was very friendly.”



Property Cleanup and Security

Whether you are faced with a hoarding, or a boarding situation, SOS Rescue Restoration can help. Prompt cleanup and boarding services for any situation



“We had damage in our attic from mice. I called Steve and he returned my call immediately. Quoted me, sent a crew out did the job, all done in less than a week. I can not recommend this company enough. Fast, so pleasant to deal with and very responsive. If you need any kind of cleanup, this is the company to use.”


Let SOS Rescue Restoration Help Guide You Through The Complex Process Of Your Insurance Claim Submittal.

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