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Exploring Fitchburg MA

Fitchburg is at the heart of the local area’s history. This city has been around for almost 300 years. With a population of almost 42,000 residents, it strikes a great balance between city life and the enjoyment of the pristine nature that surrounds it. Fitchburg is full of history, beautiful architecture, and possibilities for growth.  

Historic cotton production Fitchburg

A Brief History Of Fitchburg MA

The land where the city is now located was originally purchased way back in 1633. Despite such early ownership it kept changing hands and was wilderness until 1718 – when the first woods were cleared for buildings. In 1764 the township of Fitchburg was officially formed. 

The town embodied early American industry, with the early factories being powered by water mills. It produced drills, cotton, paper, and more. In 1872 Fitchburg was officially established as a city.  

What truly sparked Fitchburg’s development was the advent of the railroad. But unlike the railroad, the next big transportation boom – the car – was detrimental to the city as the population moved out to more suburban areas.

Things To Do In Fitchburg MA

Fitchburg is a city full of historical architecture, unique buildings, and interesting sites to see. It is an understatement to say that it has something to offer for everyone.

If you prefer museums, the most popular one is the Fitchburg Art Museum. On the other hand, if nature is your preference you can give Coggeshall Park a visit.

Whichever one you choose to visit you are sure to be enthralled. The vast history of the area can be felt everywhere around the city making a worthwhile visit to every lover of American history. 


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