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Exploring Framingham MA

Framingham, MA is a picturesque town with over 300 years of history. It has almost 73,000 residents and spreads across 26.5 square miles, just east of Boston. Framingham has kept its historic look and a small-town feel. The community is friendly and is excellently connected to the neighboring areas.

Framingham MA historic church

A Brief History Of Framingham MA

Framingham’s history starts 40 years before the town was incorporated. A European settler by the name of Thomas Danforth from Framlingham, Suffolk started buying land in 1660. 

By 1700, Danforth had collected over 15,000 acres and Framingham was incorporated as a town. 

During the American Civil War, Framingham MA was a gathering spot for the members of the abolitionist movement. 

Modern-day Framingham is often called “The Largest Town in the Country.”

Things To Do In Framingham MA

Framingham is an old town, but the city itself is quite modern with a vibrant young population. Its local parks are stunning and the two most popular ones are Cushing Memorial Park and the Callahan State Park. Both have lots of open space for picnics, playgrounds, and walking trails that are very well taken care of. 

Besides the parks, you might want to visit the New England Wild Flower Society. It is a beautiful botanical garden in the open that is full of native plant life. 

Framingham MA Nature

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Framingham MA Restoration Services

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