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Exploring Leominster MA

Leominster MA is the second-largest city in Worcester County, Massachusetts. With over 43,000 residents, this historic city is a point of pride for the whole state. With over 380 years since the first settlers arrived in the area, you can certainly say that Leominster has seen its fair share of history. Its pristine nature, rich past, and friendly residents are just some of the reason you need to visit this city. 

Leominster MA history

A Brief History Of Leominster MA

The area where the city is now located was long populated by Native Americans that settled around Nashua River. When the first European settlers arrived in the 1640s, they established the city of Lancaster. Due to the war of King Philip, the city of Lancaster was soon deserted and the land was bought from the native tribes in 1701. The area later grew enough to be incorporated into the city of Leominster in 1740.

During the Civil War, Leominster was a key city in the functioning of the underground railroad. 

In modern times the area became a prominent producer of plastics and it was notably home to the founder of Tupperware. 

Things To Do In Leominster MA

Leominster MA is surrounded by beautiful nature. But even within the city premises, you can find nature in places like the beautiful Doyle Community Park. There are also Sholan Farms as well as George Hil Orchards.

If you are more interested in the arts, you can find the Leominster Art Center & Gallery.

Like any entertaining city, it has a variety of bars and it also offers great fun in the form of escape rooms which are the local resident’s favorites. One that stands out the most is The Gate Escape.

Pristine Nature Around Leominster MA

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