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Exploring Littleton MA

Littleton, MA is a historic town with just over 10 000 residents. It is surrounded by stunning nature, and beautiful lakes, it is actually quite close to other larger cities. It is a phenomenal place to raise a family as its entirely family-friendly, safe, and has an open-armed, friendly community. It is covering an area of over 17.5 square miles and nearly a mile of that is water. 

Littleton, MA history

A Brief History Of Littleton MA

Littleton, MA was settled in the late 17th century. Before that, it was the site of the sixth Praying Indian village called Nashoba Plantation. Praying Indian village was a reference to the native Americans that converted to Christianity. 
The first settlers came to the land in 1686, and Littleton was incorporated in 1715. It stayed a small town for the majority of its history all the way until the railway arrived and kickstarted its industrial revolution. Since the late 19th century Littleton has been steadily, but slowly, growing. In 2004 Littleton marked 300 years of its existence. 

Things To Do In Littleton MA

Littleton is a small, quaint town. Surrounded by incredible New England forests and lakes it provides ample opportunity for wilderness exploration. Nearby is also the Oak Hill Conservation Site. The conservation site is very popular with residents from all over New England. 
After a day spent in nature and exploring the stunning landscape, is there a better way to relax than a trip to the local day spa? Littleton has Spavia –  a wonderful day spa that offers various relaxing treatments like aromatherapy, massage, and more.

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