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Exploring Marlborough MA

Marlborough MA has almost 42,000 residents and spreads over 22 square miles. With over 360 years of history, beautiful nature, and very friendly people, Marlborough makes for a great city to visit and to live in. It has a bustling industry and there are plenty of job opportunities for young Americans looking to make their mark in the world. 

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A Brief History Of Marlborough MA

Marlborough MA is located on the crossroads of old Native American trails. It was settled in 1657 but only official incorporated into a town in 1660. Since then Marlborough has seen many ups and downs, as it was almost completely destroyed in King Philips War. 

By the middle of the 19th century, the city has completely recovered and started its path as an industrial town. A shoe manufactory was opened and soon Marlborough was making shoes for the entire union. 

With the arrival of modern highways and interstates, Marlborough MA quickly developed a high-tech electronics industry in the heart of New England. 

Things To Do In Marlborough MA

As a tribute to its shoemaking history, the best brewery in Marlborough is called The Lost Shoe Brewery and it is phenomenal. People from all over the state have been known to stop by in Marlborough just to try their exquisite beers.

For the ones that prefer light activity over a bar chat, Marlborough has a great mini golf course called Trombetta’s Farm. Equally loved by adults and kids this mini-golf course will provide hours of fun for everyone.

For lovers of modern games and technology, Marlborough has a great VR experience. The MindTrek VR is one of the most fun things to do in this awesome city.

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