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Marlborough MA Water Restoration Services

When your Marlborough MA home or business property suffers water damage it is key to find a water restoration company that will respond quickly and effectively. Any lingering water that goes unaddressed will start causing damage immediately, so in order to prevent unnecessary damage, you need to remove all of that water as soon as possible. Water damage Marlborough is a serious issue that should be treated as such.

SOS Rescue Restoration offers Marlborough MA water restoration services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Call us at the first sign of water damage to schedule your free water damage inspection right away.

Emergency Water Removal Marlborough MA

Common Causes of Water Damage

Water damage is almost always unexpected. What is even worse is that if you are not aware of the possible symptoms and causes of water damage you might not even notice that you have water damage.  Knowing the most common causes of water damage that you are likely to face in Marlborough MA will help you to prevent and prepare for them better. The most common causes of water damage that we handle include:

Burst Pipes

Appliance Malfunctions

Sewage Backup & Overflow

Inclement Weather


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Water Extraction Services

There is one method that guarantees to minimize your water damage. Water extraction needs to be done quickly and it will prevent the majority of water damage. When dealing with a water-related disaster, protect your property by calling your local restoration company, like SOS Rescue Restoration, for professional water removal services.

SOS Rescue Restoration offers 24/7 water extraction services in and around Marlborough MA. Give us a call when you notice water damage and we’ll respond immediately. Get your free water damage inspection today.

Water Extraction Marlborough MA

The Water Damage Restoration Process

Flood Damage Cleanup

1. Water Damage Inspection

The very moment that you find water damage in your home, call SOS Rescue Restoration for a professional water inspection. We dispatch an IICRC certified technician to your property to complete a comprehensive water damage inspection to determine the source of the damage and to provide you with a time and cost estimate.

water damage

2. Water Extraction Services

Upon finishing the inspection and agreeing to a restoration plan, our priority is to remove any and all standing water from your property. To do this we will use our portable water extraction equipment like water mats and water pumps. We will shut down the machines only after the last of the water is removed.

damaged building material removal

3. Damaged Material Removal

Porous materials like drywall and composite board cabinets can absorb water and spread the damages.  Our team will identify concerning areas and remove them. These materials will need to be tested for asbestos in conjunction with Massachusetts law.

water removal

4. Drying & Dehumidification

Following the water removal, there is always humidity and moisture trapped in the walls and floors. This moisture always leads to further damages and even mold growth, so our team will work tirelessly to dry out your property completely. To do this we will use industry-grade air blowers and dehumidifiers.

Reconstruction Services

5. Insurance Documentation

SOS Rescue Restoration works with local and national insurance providers to ensure that you are fairly covered, we will maintain impeccable documentation of all of the damages and losses that you incur. To do this, we take pictures, write notes, and keep itemized lists which we then share with your insurer as we go.

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6. Water Damage Repairs

The final step of the process is to perform the necessary repairs in order to get you back to your normal life. At SOS we have extensive experience in the restoration and construction industries and as a licensed general contractor, we are able to make any repairs you may need, no matter the size or scope.

PLEASE NOTE: certain building materials will need to be removed for asbestos testing in accordance with laws set forth by the state of Massachusetts. We have certified asbestos testers on hand through our sister company, A&E Environmental. Building materials that may require testing include:

Water Damage Repairs Marlborough MA

Water Damage Repairs

Water damage is caused by a large variety of different sources. In order to truly repair it, you need to have a professional restoration company.  Understanding the water damage repairs you might need is key to a complete restoration. We can perform basic drywall patching or replacement, plumbing repairs, all the way to full-scale remodeling or reconstruction.

Call SOS Rescue Restoration 24/7 for emergency water damage repairs in the Marlborough MA area. Our team of technicians has the experience and licensing to handle any repairs that you may need, no matter the size or scope.