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Full-Service Contents Cleaning & Restoration

Disasters can leave your belongings damaged, dirty, and in need of professional contents cleaning and restoration. Calling you local restoration company is a good way to start that process and will help to minimize any further damages to which your belongings may be vulnerable.

Call SOS Rescue Restoration today to schedule a contents restoration inspection. We provide unmatched contents cleaning and contents restoration services in Westminster MA and beyond. Our IICRC certified technicians will utilize specialized equipment and techniques to bring your belongings back to life.

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Call SOS When You Need Professional Contents Cleaning & Restoration

We Clean & Restore a Wide Variety of Contents

We are a full service contents cleaning company. We have experience cleaning and restoring all types of contents and have the ability to restore practically anything in your home. Some of the types of contents that we clean and restore include:


Computers and Electronic Devices


Antiques & Heirlooms

Upholstery & Textiles

The Contents Cleaning & Restoration Process

Our Content Cleaning & Restoration Process

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1. Content Damage Inspection

We will immediately send an IICRC certified technician to your property to inspect the damages and gather information to formulate a cleaning and restoration plan.

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2. On-Site Cleaning

When possible, our team will always opt for on-site cleaning. We will bring our equipment and cleaning solutions to your property and clean your contents right then and there.

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3. Packout Services

In order to prevent further damages to your belongings, our team will pack up and itemize each of your possessions then transport them to our storage and cleaning facility.

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4. Off-Site Cleaning

At our storage and cleaning facility, our technicians clean, repair, and restore belongings with advanced cleaning equipment. Our process is gentle, but effective, restoring items to their pre-disaster condition.

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5. Returning Contents

Once your property is ready for it, we will return all of your belongings, review the itemized list, and unpack the cleaned and restored items to you.

Choose SOS Rescue Restoration for Contents Cleaning Services

Contents Cleaning Experts

When your property is damaged by a disaster, let SOS provide professional contents cleaning to restore all of your belongings back to their pre-disaster condition.

Quick Estimates

Not every emergency disaster is the same, but we do know at SOS Rescue Restoration that time is of the essence and we guarantee you quick and accurate estimates.

Help With Insurance

Handling the insurance that comes with disaster restoration can add unnecessary stress to an already stressful situation. Let us help make sure you are fairly covered.