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After a fire, your home or business will likely be covered in soot and a smoky mess. While it may be tempting to try to clean this mess yourself, it is highly recommend that you call a professional smoke damage cleaning company. A professional company will utilize advanced training, methods, and techniques that will minimize any further damage to your property.

Call SOS Rescue Restoration if your property has smoke damage that requires professional cleanup. Allow us to fully clean and deodorize your property. 

Smoke Damage Cleaning

SOS Rescue Offers Professional Smoke Damage Clean Up

Types of Smoke Damage

Smoke damage can come in many different forms, and much of that has to do with the materials that were burnt that created the smoke in the first place. Some smoke damage is simple to clean without the use of advanced equipment, while other types of smoke damage may leave your property irreversibly damaged. Below are the three most common types of smoke damage that we come across.

Wet Smoke

Dry Smoke

Petroleum Fire

The Smoke Damage Restoration Process

Fire Restoration Service

1. Smoke Damage Inspection

As soon as you find sewage in your home, call SOS Rescue Restoration for a professional sewage damage inspection. We will immediately send an IICRC certified technician to your property to complete a comprehensive inspection.

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2. Smoke Soot Cleanup Services

The first priority will be to remove the sewage as quickly as possible. Due to the nature of sewage, removing the contaminated water will require following the most recently accepted guidelines in order to prevent making contact with the hazardous material.

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3. Smoke Odor Deodorization

Unlike other disasters, because sewage is so toxic, any porous materials that come into contact with the sewage will likely be unsalvageable. Our team identifies the materials that need to be removed, then work to clean the area and prepare for repairs.

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4. Sewage Damage Restoration

Once the damaged materials have been removed, we complete sewage damage repairs to get your property back in order. As a licensed general contractor, you can rely on SOS to take care of any and all repairs no matter the size or scope.

Full-Service Fire Damage Restoration Company

Fires can cause significant damages and beyond simply burnt and charred materials, you also have to factor in water damage from the extinguishing effort and the lingering smoke and soot damage that is caused by the fire. When you combine all of those factors, it becomes clear that you need to find a professional restoration company that can handle all of the aspects of fire damage restoration.

SOS Rescue Restoration is a full-service fire damage restoration company that can help you navigate through the entire restoration process, from initial inspection through to the final repair.

Fire Damage Restoration

Choose SOS Rescue Restoration for Smoke Damage Restoration

Smoke Deodorization

Smoke leaves behind some pretty stubborn odors. Without the proper equipment these smells can be practically impossible to remove without damaging your property.

Quick Estimates

Not every emergency disaster is the same, but we do know at SOS Rescue Restoration that time is of the essence and we guarantee you quick and accurate estimates.

Smoke Damage Cleaning

Cleaning up smoke damage is a job for best left to the professionals. Smoke damages, when handled improperly, will likely only get worse if you use the wrong equipment or technique.