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24 Hour Water Removal Services

The most important step in the water restoration process is the water removal phase. This is because when water is in contact with your property, it will be causing damage immediately and that damage will worsen every second until it is removed. In order to minimize damages to your property, give a call to your local water removal specialists immediately.

SOS Rescue Restoration is available 24/7 for emergency water removal services. Call us at first sign of water damage and we’ll respond immediately and provide you with a free water damage inspection.

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Common Causes Of Water Damage

There are seemingly endless ways that water can end up causing damage to your property, and as a home or business owner, it’s important that you understand the types of water related disasters that you are most likely to be impacted by. The most common causes of water damage in Westminster MA include:

Burst Pipe

Indoor Flooding

Inclement Weather

Sewage Backup

Appliance Malfunctions

Professional Water Extraction Services

The Water Removal Process

Fire Damage Restoration

1. Water Damage Inspection

As soon as you find water damage in your home, call SOS Rescue Restoration for a professional water inspection. We will immediately send an IICRC certified technician to your property to complete a comprehensive water damage inspection.

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2. Content Packout Services

Depending on the extent of the water damage, you may have damaged belongings that will need to be removed during the water extraction phase. Our team will carefully box up and label all of your property and safely transport it to a secure storage facility to be held while water removal occurs.

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3. Water Removal Services

With industry-leading truck mounted water extraction equipment, we remove every last drop of water from your property. Time is everything when it comes to water damage, so our team will work around the clock if necessary to ensure the water is removed as quickly as possible.

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4. Drying & Dehumidification

There may still be moisture stuck in the building materials in the water affected area. This moisture will lead to further damages and even mold growth, so our team will work tirelessly to dry out your property completely. To do this we will use industrial air blowers and dehumidifiers.

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5. Water Damage Restoration

Once the property is completely dried, there is no more risk of further damages and we can begin the restoration phase of the project. At SOS, we offer full service restoration, from initial inspection through to the final repair, we even work with your insurance provider to make sure you get fair coverage for your losses. 

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Comprehensive Water Damage Restoration

While the water removal process is undoubtedly the most impactful way to minimize water damages to your property following a water related disaster, in most cases you will still need someone to help restore your property back to its pre-disaster condition.

SOS Rescue Restoration is a turn key, comprehensive water damage restoration company. We offer start to finish water restoration, from initial inspection through to the final repair. We have the licensing and experience to handle damages of any size or scope. So give us a call at the first sign of water damage on your property and let us help restore your home or business.

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24/7 Water Removal

When you have standing water in your home or business, you need immediate water extraction. SOS Rescue offers water removal services 365 days a year.

Quick Estimates

Not every emergency disaster is the same, but we do know at SOS Rescue Restoration that time is of the essence and we guarantee you quick and accurate estimates.

Water Damage Repairs

When you hire a restoration company who can handle the project from beginning to end, the job can be completed quicker and you can get back into your home faster.