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Exploring Westminster MA

Westminster MA is a small town with just around 10 thousand residents. Located just south of the Vermont border and roughly a half hour from Worcester, Westminster MA is a peaceful town with incredible access to Massachusetts’ natural riches. Visitors and residents alike enjoy an atmosphere of rural tranquility, with views of beautiful lakes, and majestic Mt. Wachusett.

A Brief History Of Westminster MA

A Brief History Or Westminster MA

Like most of the north eastern United States, Westminster MA was founded on land that was originally lived on by the Native Americans in the area, dating back for many centuries before the Europeans settled the area in 1737. The town was initially called “Narragansett Number Two” as a nod to the many Indian tribes who lived in the region, but as the population grew, it became a district in 1759 and assumed the name Westminster, named after the minister in old England.  Westminster became became fully incorporated in 1770.

Things To Do In Westminster MA

Westminster was once land set aside for veterans who fought in the French Indian War, but at the time it was seen as untouched and isolated rural land. Ironically enough, the reasons that veterans didn’t want to claim the land, are the same reasons that so many people visit the area every year.

To truly experience the natural beauty of Westminster MA, you have to get off the beaten path. Whether it be Wachusett Mountain State Reservation, the Leominster State Forest, or Wyman Pond, Westminster MA has you covered for any and all recreational activities you love.

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