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Exploring Worcester MA

Worcester is the second-most populous city in all of New England. It has over 200 000 residents and is the seat of Worcester County MA. It was listed among the top 150 cities in all the United States, making it one of the best cities to live in nationwide. It is a very diverse city with a large immigrant population. 

History of Worcester MA

A Brief History Of Worcester MA

Modern-day Worcester MA got developed naturally as a consequence of increased trade due to the Blackstone Canal. It quickly developed its industry, producing textiles, wires, and machinery. But its previous history was much more turbulent than that. It was emptied of all of its population twice before it finally got resettled. The first time it got abandoned due to King Philip’s war, and the second time was because of Queen Anne’s war. It was named after Worcester, England, and officially incorporated in 1722. After manufacturing moved to cheaper locations Worcester’s development quickly slowed until it rediscovered itself with its biotechnology and educational sectors.

Things To Do In Worcester MA

Worcester is well known for its EcoTarium which is one of the nation’s most famous science museums. Featuring a wide array of different exhibits it will surely entertain both adults and children. 
If you are more interested in theaters Worcester is also home to the Hanover Theater and Conservatory. A well-known institution that holds phenomenal performances. 
Besides the classical forms of entertainment, there is plenty of breweries, parks, and historical sites to visit. It is needless to say that you will constantly be entertained in this great historical city. If you have plans of visiting or living in Worcester you can always count on the city to provide you with amenities. 

What to do in Worcester MA

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