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Worcester MA Water Restoration Services

Upon finding water damage on your Worcester property, you may try blotting or mopping it up. While this may work for very small amounts of water damage, anything bigger requires professional water extraction services. This means enlisting a professional water restoration company. SOS Rescue Restoration is always on standby, 24/7, ready to take your call. Our water extraction team arrives on-site quickly to salvage the space, prevent mold growth, and remove oversaturated building materials. Fast response times and proven expertise ensure that the damage is minimized.

SOS Rescue Restoration offers 24/7 Worcester MA water restoration.

Water Restoration Services Worcester MA

Common Causes of Water Damage

If you have water damage in your business or home, it is important to contact water restoration professionals as soon as possible. One of our first steps as a water damage company is to find which of the common sources of water damage is affecting your property. Common sources of water damage Worcester on your property include:

Burst Pipes

Appliance Malfunctions

Sewage Backup & Overflow

Inclement Weather


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Water Extraction

Water damage requires an immediate response in order to minimize the damage. By calling your local water damage removal company, you can start the process of cleaning up and restoring your property. The first step of that process is water extraction to prevent damage from worsening and protect your property from further losses. Using truck-mounted water extraction equipment can expedite the process, saving your property as well as your time and potentially your money by limiting the scope of the restoration. 

SOS Rescue Restoration offers unmatched 24-hour water extraction services in and around Worcester MA. Give us a call as soon as you notice water damage. We respond immediately. 

Water Extraction

The Water Damage Worcester MA Restoration Process

Flood Damage Cleanup

1. Water Damage Inspection

The first step is to respond quickly with a free inspection and damage assessment. We identify affected areas and items using professional moisture detection equipment. This will help us establish a time and cost estimate.

water damage

2. Water Extraction Services

Following the inspection, we will immediately get started on water extraction. Utilizing industrial water extraction equipment, our team will remove all the water and dry your property as quickly as possible. This way we protect you from secondary damages.

damaged building material removal

3. Damaged Material Removal

Porous materials like drywall and composite board cabinets can absorb water and spread the damage. When we find materials that are irreversibly damaged, we will work to safely remove the damaged materials and prepare the area for repair.

water removal

4. Drying & Dehumidification

Once all water is removed, the technicians will begin the drying process. This step prevents secondary damage and mold growth. To dry, the team will place dehumidifiers and air movers around the affected area. We will speed up the dehumidification process and ensure the structure is completely dry. 

Reconstruction Services

5. Insurance Documentation

SOS Rescue Restoration works with your insurance provider to ensure that you are fairly covered. Maintaining impeccable documentation of all of the damages and losses that you incur is essential for this. This includes taking pictures, writing notes, and keeping itemized lists which we then share with your insurer as we go.

Water Damage Restoration Westminster

6. Water Damage Repairs

The only left to do is to make the necessary repairs to get you back to your normal life. If you need reconstruction services, we have carpenters and builders who can rebuild furniture and walls, and they can also reinforce ceilings and floors that have been compromised by the water.

PLEASE NOTE: certain building materials will need to be removed for asbestos testing in accordance with laws set forth by the state of Massachusetts. We have certified asbestos testers on hand through our sister company, A&E Environmental. Building materials that may require testing include:

Water Damage Repairs Worcester MA

Water Damage Repairs

Water damage can manifest in many ways and with each cause of the damage, there are unique water damage repairs needed. This is why it is so important that you call a local water damage restoration company with the skills and experience, as well as the licensing, to handle all of the water repairs that you may need. At SOS Rescue Restoration we have extensive experience in the restoration and construction industries which makes us the perfect option when you need water damage repair.

Call SOS Rescue Restoration for emergency water damage repairs in the Worcester MA area. Our team of technicians has the experience and licensing to handle any repairs that you may need, no matter the size or scope.